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Top 3 Best Indian Restaurants in Orlando, FL

Orlando is also known as the world’s theme park capital, and the city is quite famous among travelers and backpackers seeking luxury. Orlando has many things with so much to do, see, and enjoy, with tremendous rock and roll adventure for the people from start to finish. Orlando is also known for some of the […]

Best Place for Lunch in Orlando You Should Try

It is not uncommon for people to skip lunch in the rushes of modern life. And several people, including college students, miss lunch due to lack of time or trying to lose weight. Lunch helps increase the blood sugar level in the middle of the day and allows people to improve their focus and concentration […]

Plan Your Next Event with Saffron Catering in Orlando

When you’re away from your homeland and crave to taste authentic Indian food, Indian restaurants in foreign countries would be a gift. In that manner, the Saffron Indian cuisine in Orlando is a gift for the Orlando people and the Indians living in Orlando. From traditional to contemporary versions of food, Saffron leaves no stone […]

Delicious Indian Appetizers in Orlando You Must Try

Indian appetizers are predominant in restaurants for their rich, spicy, and hot flavors. While compared with other appetizers, Indian appetizers are wholesome and let food lovers crave more. Many Indian appetizers replace the best starters in many restaurants worldwide. That way, Orlando’s Saffron Indian cuisine serves lip-smacking and spicy Indian appetizers. Such Best Indian appetizers […]

Reasons to Choose Saffron Indian Cuisine for Next Eat-Out

When you think of Indian food, you imagine the burst of flavors on your tongue. Moreover, Indian dishes are prevalent for their traditional preparation, enhanced aroma, extraordinary taste, and lip-smacking flavors. Indian curries are familiar across the globe by almost everyone. If you’re a food lover looking for Indian meals in Orlando, walk into Saffron […]

Health Benefits of Bhel Puri- Know The Complete Details

Snacking is a favorite pastime to satisfy the stomach in between meals. Some of us worry that snacking causes us to gain weight or does not satisfy our hunger. If you’re a fan of Indian cuisine, look no further than bhel puri! What is bhel puri? What are the health benefits of bhel puri? What […]

What Are The Benefits Of Eating A Chicken Salad?

The classic creamy American-style meal that dates back to the mid-1800s may come to mind when you hear “chicken salad.” This chicken salad variation frequently includes components such as boiled eggs, celery, apples, grapes, and almonds or nuts. These essentials are blended with cooked chicken and are often held together with mayonnaise. Many different flavor […]

What Are The Health Benefits Of Chicken Tikka Masala?

Many stories surround the origin of Chicken Tikka Masala, from it being an older Punjabi dish developed somewhere in the 1920s to it being created in 1971 by Ali Ahmed Aslam.  Preparation Of Food Chicken Tikka Masala is prepared by marinating it in herbs for several hours before cooking. The chicken is then put on […]

What Are The Ultimate Benefits Of Eating Pani Puri?

One of the most well-liked street dishes in India is pani puri. And why not? When you swallow a pani puri, you realize how exotic and flavorful each of the spices and ingredients is. Pani puri, also known as gol gappa, is indispensable. This sweet and zesty dessert will be a staple in everyone’s calendar. Everyone drinks […]

Why Is Tandoori Chicken So Healthy- Know The Complete Detail

Tandoori Chicken is one of the most popular dishes in Indian cuisine. The main ingredients are chicken and spices. It is famous not only because it is delicious but also because it is very healthy. Tandoori Chicken is beneficial for the following reasons. This is a traditional dish – Tandoori chicken is traditionally cooked in […]