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What are Some Must Have Dishes in Saffron Indian Buffet

Saffron Indian Cuisine provides a one-of-a-kind dining experience. We offer authentic North Indian dishes as diverse and colorful as India’s people and regions in an exotic Indian buffet.

Saffron Indian Cuisine serves a selection of delectable dishes inspired by India’s rich culture and culinary traditions on its menu.

Their team has years of experience and provides delectable cuisine in their Indian buffet.

Their buffet meal options are tasty but have high spices and lean protein (chicken), making it a natural choice for a healthy evening out.

Must have dishes in an Indian buffet

Tandoori Chicken

It’s difficult to hunt out someone who doesn’t enjoy tandoori chicken, the favored Indian grilled chicken recipe.

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is one of the best popular dishes in any Indian restaurant in the West and permanently reason.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka masala could also be a tasty grilled dish with thick, creamy gravy that can leave you speechless after just one bite.

Chicken Vindaloo Curry

This chicken vindaloo curry recipe is light and pleasantly flavored. Contrary to widespread assumption, curries don’t need to be hot and spicy, which they didn’t begin that way in India.

Malai Kofta

The vegetarian meatballs are Malai kofta (vegetable “meatballs” with a thick sauce). The koftas are produced with a mix of potatoes, carrots, beans, peas, and sweet corn.

Naan (Leavened Indian Flatbread)

A puffy flatbread is served in every meal. 

Would you like to learn the secret language of Indian menus? Here’s a list of what you’ll see on our menu! You can now order something outside your comfort zone the next time you visit Saffron Indian Cuisine for a meal. The goodness you were missing out on may surprise you! Saffron Indian Cuisine has your favorite dishes on its menu; check it out!

Indian Appetizers

Here are a few popular Indian appetizers.


Samosas are a classic Indian street food with deep-fried pockets of flaky dough filled with spiced potatoes or meat. A perfect samosa is a small bite-sized, crispy, and soft snack.


Pakoras are a great way to start any meal and enjoy a night out with friends. You can make this vegetarian version of the traditional Indian snack by adding onions to the chickpea batter. They consist of chickpea batter flavored with spices and deep-fried, then served with chutney. 

Indian Bread

India is famous for its delicious flatbread! Following is a list of some popular ones.


Parathas are flatbreads that are layered and fried in oil or ghee. A paratha is a flatbread filled with filling before it is rolled out, called “stuffed” in Hindi.


Roti is a flatbread made from stone-ground whole wheat flour native to the Indian subcontinent. The soft, fluffy texture and flavor of roti are known worldwide. It is a staple flatbread served with curries in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Indian Meals

Indian cuisine offers many different types of food, and we have only touched the surface. Some of the most popular Indian meals are described below.

Tikka Masala

The Hindi word tikka means “small chunks,” and masala means spice blend. This delicious, spicy dish is made with small chunks of chicken and a combination of spices. Whether you prefer a straightforward or complex version, we have you covered. 

The tikka masala sauce has a tomato base and cream and thick yogurt to give it some richness. This dish is enhanced by the freshness of the herbs and spices used to make it.

Chana Masala

Indian cuisine is incomplete without chana masala. Chickpeas are called chana in Hindi, while masala refers to spice blends. Served as a side dish or vegetarian meal, this chickpea stew is flavorful. 

A spicy onion, ginger, garlic, and garam masala sauce is used to prepare chickpeas. Chana masala’s taste is derived from the combination of these three ingredients.

Bhindi Masala

This North Indian curry features tender okra pods, piquant onions, tangy tomatoes, and bold spices. This dish is most prevalent in upscale restaurants and home kitchens because of its rich flavor, dark color, and stunning presentation.


The Mughal empire in India gave birth to the Biryani, a popular Indian rice dish. Biryani is a rice dish that consists of several layers of rice, spiced meat, paneer, or vegetables, and some richness from ghee or yogurt. 

The flavors of Biryani are slow-cooked to perfection until the aromatic spices penetrate every grain. The Saffron Indian Cuisine’s Biryani was voted the best in Orlando!


Dal makhani is a rich, creamy black lentil dish from New Delhi, India. This dish cooks whole black urad beans with spices like cumin, coriander, cardamom powder, ginger, garlic, and onion paste until soft. 

Then, to give dal makhani its signature taste, the dish is simmered with butter until it creates its creamy sauce.


The word paneer means cheese. A soft, non-melting cheese, paneer is made from the curds of boiled milk. 

After pressing out the water, the curds are tied up in muslin cloth and lightly pressed into a ball. The cheese is cut into cubes and served with rice dishes or added to vegetable stir-fry dishes.


Indian dishes containing yogurt, cream, and nuts are known as kormas. Korma means “braised” or “cooked with onions” in Hindi. Many other languages have borrowed the word, including Urdu, Turkish, and Persian. 

An Indian curry, korma, is made by cooking meat or vegetables in a sauce of yogurt and water. Naan flatbreads or rice can be served with this dish.

Indian Beverages

Tea, yogurt smoothies, and many more beverages can be found in India. A few of the more popular drinks are discussed here.

Masala Chai

Chai means “tea,” and masala means “spice blend”! The right spice can enhance anything, including your morning cup of tea. For example, black tea is typically blended with crushed cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, and ginger to create masala chai.


Northern India is home to the famous yogurt drink lassi. The natives drink this sweet, cold refreshment during summer, an all-time favorite.

Various fruits, flavors, and other ingredients can be added to lassi to create various tastes. Mango lassi, for example, is made with mangoes and yogurt; rose lassi is made with rose nectar and yogurt.

Don’t miss out on our delicious Indian food! A variety of options are available, including vegetarian dishes and lunch specials. Takeout or delivery can be ordered online through our website. Discover why we are Orlando’s best Indian restaurant!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to order online?

Yes, you can order from this restaurant and deliver your meals home.

Why is Saffron Indian Cuisine so unique?

The restaurant’s unique menu caters to every taste. Chefs with a lot of experience cook all meals, and fresh ingredients are always used.