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What Are Some Famous Indian Dish Options in Orlando

Indian restaurants are plentiful near Orlando. However, saffron Indian Cuisine is a must-visit for those looking to experience Orlando’s culinary scene and exotic Indian delights. 

You don’t need to worry about how much (or how little) you consume, what spices you like, or what atmosphere you desire.

Here you’ll find everything you need. A few of the best Indian restaurants near Orlando can be found in the City’s vast and varied gastronomic landscape:

Saffron Mix Platter:

North Indian appetizers such as samosas, vegetable tikka, onion bhaji, and vegetable pakora are served on one tray. Those who enjoy tea and delectable treats can enjoy this evening platter.


Served with mint or tomato chutney, this triangular snack contains fried or baked potato filling with onions and peas. In addition, a special lamb samosa has been created by Saffron’s chefs. 

Tandoori Chicken:

It can also be baked in a regular oven (or grilled) and served with your favorite sides. Yogurt-marinated chicken is usually baked in a clay oven but can also be cooked in a traditional oven (or grilled).

Beer & Wine:

Additionally, Saffron offers various beers and fine wines, from Indian specialties to international options.

Saffron Indian Cuisine: The Best Indian Restaurant In Orlando

Authentic Indian food with a fantastic taste is what you’ll find at Saffron Indian Cuisine. Additionally, we offer Indo-Chinese, Vegan, and Thai food selections. Our delicious food is available for dining in or taking out!

The success of Saffron Indian Cuisine can be attributed to its great food and passionate chefs. Traditional recipes have been enhanced with a modern approach over the years. 

As a Premium Caterer for years, we have created memories for our clients. Now, we bring the same creativity and uniqueness to Rediscover Saffron Indian Cuisine.

Find The Modern & Trendy Indian Cuisine On- Saffron Indian Cuisine

Our food, menu, and specials incorporate a variety of flavors and tastes, reflecting various cultures, racial structures, and climates. A wide variety of in-house blended aromatic spices are used in our traditional Indian cooking. 

We combine these exceptional flavors with traditional cooking techniques to create a dining experience that exceeds and fulfills our guests’ expectations in a distinctly unique way. Authentic Indian foods and beverages are available at Saffron Indian Cuisine at affordable prices.

In addition, our restaurant provides a unique, inviting space for social gatherings, casual or family dining occasions, and those extraordinary events and celebrations with family and friends.

Embark On A Culinary Journey To Orlando’s Best Restaurant

Our entire team looks forward to having you as our guest and ensuring that you have a wonderful dining experience. Whether visiting for lunch, dinner, or take-out service, you’ll love Saffron Indian Cuisine’s authentic Indian food, wines, and beers.

We are one of the best Indian restaurants and caterers in Orlando for private events. We seek excellent Floor Supervisors, Servers, Preparation, buzzers, dishwashers, and a dedicated team of employees.

Our Four Core Values are embodied in every dish’s Service, Presentation, and Taste.

Service: Our staff delivers genuine hospitality every day. Passion drives us and inspires us to create the best products and services for our customers today and tomorrow. 

Ingredients: Our dishes use only the best and freshest ingredients, herbs, and spices.

Culture and Authenticity: Each of our dishes is created to reflect the region, taste profile, heritage, and ingredients that genuine Indian food demands.

Environment: We place the health, safety, and comfort of our guests and team members at the top of our priorities.

Each dish at Saffron Indian Cuisine reflects diverse cultures, racial structures, geography, and climate, representing our cultures and legendary culinary heritage.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How was Indian Cuisine influenced?

Mongolian, Persian, Chinese, and other influences have shaped Indian Cuisine. However, there has always been a distinct blend of spices in Indian Cuisine, giving it its flavor and aroma throughout the centuries.

Do all of your ingredients come from organic sources?

Yes! When organic ingredients are available, we purchase them as much as possible. All our purchases are made at local farmers’ markets and wholesalers selling organic products. 

Without organic items, we search for local, pesticide-free, sustainably farmed items. A non-GMO ingredient is also a priority for us.

What are the reasons why people eat at Indian restaurants?

It is a way for Indians to relive the taste of their homeland. Also, many appreciate Saffron Indian Cuisine service and well-trained staff, as this is what Indian culture is all about.