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What are Best Indian Restaurants for Lunch Orlando Meal

Discover the authentic taste of Indian Cuisine at Saffron Indian Cuisine using only fresh, top-quality ingredients. A genuinely traditional Indian restaurant, Saffron Indian Cuisine serves exotic Indian and Indo-Chinese dishes made with fresh herbs and spices ground in-house. 

We offer vegetarian, non-vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan dishes to satisfy all tastes. You can also enjoy classic Indian, Thai, and Indo-Chinese cuisine from the comfort of your premises.

Whether you’re looking for an Indian restaurant in Orlando, Saffron Indian Cuisine is the ideal choice. You will be reminded of the taste of India with the flavor of indigenous food.

The Saffron Indian Cuisine serves only the finest north Indian food using our original Indian recipes. Visit us today or call us for our signature dishes prepared with fresh ingredients and spices, which have delighted patrons worldwide for many years. 

Aromas And Flavors

All the recipes we prepare are authentic and come from different regions of India. Our chefs add a modern and careful presentation, which makes Saffron Indian Cuisine the ideal restaurant for romantic occasions, business, and celebrations.

Professionalism And Talent

We are unique because of our team of professionals. In critical positions, partners and employees are trained in hospitality schools, multidisciplinary, and have international experience.

Authentic Indian cuisine

The Saffron Indian Cuisine serves delicious & authentic Indian food. We are proud of our unique dishes and family dining experience. Your spice preference can be accommodated in our entries. Our options range from mild to medium to hot, depending on your preference. 

There are delicious main entrees, unique side dishes, and delicious desserts at the Saffron Indian Cuisine. Come in today to taste delicious, authentic Indian food! 

Catering & More!

Saffron Indian Cuisine provides complete catering services. Your event will be bright, festive, and memorable thanks to the food we create. 

Depending on your needs, we provide a range of services. Our food is made fresh in-house on the day of the event. Call us today for more information about our authentic Indian food catering services.

You can order and deliver it straight to your door from Saffron Indian Cuisine! We offer delicious cuisine that you can enjoy without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. So please place your order now and experience our delicious food in no time!

The Best Indian Food In The Area

Indian food is prepared to your specifications. Our Indian food is made using original Indian recipes. Our chefs’ unique art, freshly prepared spices, and ingredients give each dish its taste, aroma, and flavor.

We serve fresh, delicious food daily in a clean and friendly environment. Our professionals look forward to serving you, and we look forward to satisfying your appetite. 

Why Should You Order Online From Saffron Indian Restaurant?

The restaurant serves the most exquisite delicacies of Indian cuisine. All non-vegetarian foods, side dishes, and desserts can be ordered, so you can eat until you’re full, including flatbreads, spicy lentil gravy, and more!

Indian cuisine is perfect for spending time with friends every day. You should share this food with a large group of family or friends. 

Chefs and other staff at Saffron Indian Cuisine provide various catering options and gift cards, so you’ll be able to surprise your loved ones with a delicious cornmeal meal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Indian cuisine differ from other cuisines?

The taste and flavor of Indian cuisine are unique. To give Indian food that kicks, the dishes are seasoned with authentic Indian spices called Desi Masalas. 

A dish is enhanced with a distinctive taste and aroma by Indian garam masala. Spices and herbs include turmeric, cumin, cloves, coriander, mint, Saffron, asafoetida, curry leaves, etc. The addition of all these herbs enhances this dish.

Are the dishes prepared from scratch?

Indian cuisine focuses on making dishes from scratch using fresh and clean ingredients. We serve freshly made rotis, chapattis, naan, and other Indian bread, snacks, curries, and main courses.