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Reasons to Choose Saffron Indian Cuisine for Next Eat-Out

When you think of Indian food, you imagine the burst of flavors on your tongue. Moreover, Indian dishes are prevalent for their traditional preparation, enhanced aroma, extraordinary taste, and lip-smacking flavors. Indian curries are familiar across the globe by almost everyone.

If you’re a food lover looking for Indian meals in Orlando, walk into Saffron Indian cuisine to satisfy the craving for the best Indian Food in Orlando. Saffron Indian Cuisine chefs work with the ingredients and make magic dishes where their taste stays on the tongue.

Why Saffron Indian Cuisine food is the best in Orlando?

Almost all of us are food lovers and love to taste a particular type of food, either homemade or at eateries. While Indians move away from their homeland, they are unlucky as they miss the traditional curries and aromatic taste. But Orlando residents are lucky, as Saffron Indian Cuisine is a gifted eatery for satisfying their taste buds. All the people in Orlando love Saffron Cuisine for ample reasons. Saffron professionals move the extra mile in making every menu exceptional in taste.

  • Our chefs are intelligent and know how to use fresh spices appropriately for Indian dishes. The fantastic herbs are the sole reason that raises Saffron Indian Cuisine high. Indian food owes more spices, and our chef’s charming cooking with spices grabs more customers towards Saffron.
  • We follow simplistic cooking techniques, thus maintaining the nutritional value of food. We enhance the cooking taste using traditional methods such as steaming, baking, pot clay, grilling, etc. Henceforth, food enthusiasts who desire to enjoy the best Indian Food in Orlando should park in Saffron for happy meals.
  • While discussing Indian food, the next aspect that comes to mind is varieties. In that manner, Saffron Indian Cuisine holds combinations on the menu. The unlimited list on the menu prepares every dish in a unique way and taste. The appetizers and snacks or starters trigger your hunger as you taste vegetable Tikki, Lasuni gobi, chicken chili, or Amritsar Machli.

However, the main course meals, including chicken specialties, lamb, tandoori specials, seafood, rice specials, and bread in combination with drinks, make your meals unforgettable. Vegetarians also have been given priority with vegetarian specials in Saffron Indian Cuisines.

Saffron Restaurant’s traditional Indian food

The Saffron Indian Cuisine is one of the top restaurants for the best Indian food in Orlando. The vast array of delicacies in pure, authentic forms with multiple flavors makes you visit the restaurant often. In that way, the cafeteria has various dishes to gratify the taste buds.

  • It is a must to try the spicy chicken specials, which are the most liked dish. Try the spicy Kerala chicken, chicken tikka masala, Dhaba da Murg, and yummy butter chicken.
  • Chicken lovers must also try unique lamb dishes such as Lamb Rogan Josh, delicious Kadai gosht, finger-licking lamp tikka masala, south Indian special lamb Chettinad masala, etc.
  • We always have a significant group of tandoori lovers across the globe. Notable tandoori include Malai kabab, Mix grill, chicken tikka, Noorani Jhinga, etc.
  • Take a trip to the Indian states in Orlando by tasting the Madras fish curry, Andhra fish curry, Shrimp Kada masala, etc.
  • Best Indian Food in Orlando begins with India’s favorite and familiar biryani. Saffron also provides its customers with biryani specials, bread, and drinks.

Reason to try Saffron Indian Cuisine

Apart from food varieties, hospitality, quality service, and loyalty add merits to grab people to Saffron.

  • Moreover, booking events for parties, gatherings, catering services, reserving tables, and ordering online paved the way for hassle-free customer arrangements. 
  • While planning for birthdays, office lunches, corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, and private parties, associating with Saffron restaurants reduces the burden of food arrangements. 
  • By collaborating with Saffron, customers can choose from the menu and draft it for their events. Orlando residents are delighted to have such an incredible restaurant in their locality. 
  • The staff and friendly professionals take customer service as their prime priority. They treat every customer with care and ensure they are delighted with Saffron’s service.


The restaurant’s review online shows its worth and ranking as it has consistently topped high. Satisfied customers love to dine with Saffron for authentic and traditional food prepared from fresh ingredients. For food enthusiasts hunting for Indian food, Saffron is the best and worth place to eat. With copious merits and connection with the homeland, Saffron Indian Cuisine meals always stay the best Indian Food in Orlando. 

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  • Is Saffron the best Indian restaurant in Orlando?

Saffron is the best Indian restaurant in Orlando for its unique and traditional taste of Indian food.

  • Does Saffron’s menu have all varieties of Indian food?

Saffron Indian cuisine serves North and South Indian food. It caters to a wide range of food items, from kebabs, tandoori, chicken, lamb, seafood, rice specials, and vegetarians.

  • How to book a catering service with the restaurant?

Booking a catering service with Saffron Indian cuisine is hassle-free as the customer only needs to fill out the online catering inquiry form. Once the café’s professionals acknowledge the record, they return to the customer.

  • Are there options to book a table in advance?

Reservations for customers are available at Saffron Indian cuisine. The customers must fill out the online reservation form with the date, number of people, etc., and submit it for successful reservation.

  • What are the rates at Saffron?

The wide range of menu items at pocket-friendly charges is an added advantage for Orlando residents to enjoy satisfying meals. Our costs are reasonable compared to other restaurants.

  • How about the taste of food?

We have proficient chefs with years of experience in preparing traditional Indian food. Moreover, we use fresh ingredients and follow the conventional method of cooking every dish. Henceforth, every word we prepare is outstanding with extraordinary taste.