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Best Place for Lunch in Orlando You Should Try

It is not uncommon for people to skip lunch in the rushes of modern life. And several people, including college students, miss lunch due to lack of time or trying to lose weight. Lunch helps increase the blood sugar level in the middle of the day and allows people to improve their focus and concentration for the rest of the day. 

Research studies reveal that people who eat good lunches tend to maintain ideal body weight, as they can prevent overeating after going home. Lunch is also an essential source of vitamins and nutrients for the entire day. It also fosters mental and physical development.

Saffron Indian Cuisine is one of Orlando’s finest places to have lunch. It is an exceptional eatery in the heart of Orlando, offering unique dining experiences. This exorbitant restaurant has been operating since 2011. It holds the best panel of chefs with an authentic chooks menu from Indian cuisine. 

Also, it features an aesthetic dining area that is as beautiful and elegant as the surrounding dining area. The restaurant has the best-trained culinary staff, which helps to elevate Indian cuisine to new and exciting heights without compromising on the contemporary touches. This is one of the few Indian restaurants in Orlando that adds a signature flair to all the dishes served.

What is unique about lunch at Saffron Indian cuisine

Saffron Indian cuisine is one of the finest Indian restaurants in Orlando. The team offers the most delicious cuisine and impeccable customer support service.

The modern Indian menus in this restaurant help to have a perfect dining experience with friends and family members. The ultimate aim of this restaurant is to spread delicious Indian cuisine across the country. 

Saffron’s lunch in Orlando is unique, as the restaurant offers authentic North Indian dishes. The restaurant prepares various savory recipes inspired by the country’s rich culture and culinary traditions. 

The restaurant follows an original Indian cooking style and the spices, techniques, seasonings, and other natural ingredients from the traditional Indian cooking menu. 

Each dish is meticulously curated in authentic Indian style in this restaurant, using fresh spices, ingredients, and vegetables in every phase of the preparation process. 

The restaurant doesn’t add any color or preservatives to the dishes. Thus, the menu served in this restaurant is low in fat and very healthy. The lunch menu in this restaurant includes,


The choice of appetizers in the Saffron Indian cuisine restaurant includes vegetable samosa, tiki, onion bhajia, lasuni gobi, assorted platter, chicken chili, baby corn chili, etc.

Chicken specialties

People in Orlando are fans of the chicken tikka masala, chicken korma, and chicken xacutti served in this restaurant. It brings authentic recipes from different parts of the country into its main menu. 

Its Kerala pepper chicken curry carries the authentic taste of Kerala. And the Andhra chicken curry is prepared with the best spices from Andhra.

Lamb specialties

Saffron Indian cuisine cooks lamb best by mixing it with all the aromatic spices and herbs to ensure it tastes perfect. The lamb tikka masala, lamb korma, kadhai gosht, Punjabi Goat curry, etc., are famous among the people.

Vegetarian food varieties

Mutter paneer, vegetable korma, aloo gobi, and bhindi masala are some of the best vegetarian delicacies in this restaurant that taste similar to their non-vegetarian counterparts.

Rice and Bread

Lunch in Orlando is never complete without Biryani. The restaurant offers chicken, goat, lamb, shrimp, and vegetable biryani with saffron rice. It also provides the puffiest bread for main course dishes, filling for lunch. 

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Frequently asked question

1. Can we order lunch at Saffron restaurant for group events?

The restaurant can cater to the unique food needs of groups of different sizes. The restaurant can handle all dining requirements for a group of 30 guests. It also entails a group dining set menu in vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants.

2. Does it offer catering services for private parties?

Saffron specializes in catering office lunches, birthday parties, corporate events, fundraiser programs, and social celebrations of different kinds. Saffron makes the occasion memorable, be it a small office lunch or a huge wedding gathering.

3. Why should you choose Saffron Indian restaurant?

Saffron Indian cuisine restaurant in Orlando offers a fine dining experience with tasty dishes from authentic Indian cuisine. It has been awarded as one of the best restaurants in Orlando by Orlando Centennial.

4. Does the restaurant serve beer and wine?

Yes, you get domestic, international, Pinot Noir, Indian Beer, Sparkling, and other wine types in its facility.

5. How are the desserts at Saffron Indian cuisine special?

The restaurant offers the best dessert varieties made from fresh milk and garnished with the choicest nuts. The Kesari Rasmalai is made from pressed cheese and condensed milk and is topped with pistachios. The gulab jamun, or dry milk dumplings, has a divine taste. The Pista Kulfi is made from fresh milk with great nuts.